The Chromatic Path to a multimedia interface design always begins with pencil on paper. We create each interactive layout using the details of your unique request and deliver it as a comprehensive and complimentary presentation. From a complicated gaming interface design, phone or game app, video or interactive DVD menu to even a simple powerpoint presentation, we can make your vision a reality. And, if you don’t have support graphics or a user interface site map – we can even create that too.

The screen designs in the project above were created using only the logo and photography supplied by the client. The objective was to deliver an interactive platform design that was inviting, while at the same time providing viewers easy navigate throughout the golf course. The entire facility was broken down into categories, described with imagery, text and video to display the amenities and special features. The final product delivered every little detail about the fairways, greens, restaurant, banquet facility, golf range, locker rooms and so much more. Our use of colors and textures gave the interactive product a very romantically classic design which impressed everyone involved.


Project Requirements
• Research
• Concept sketches
• Low resolution graphic design
• Interactivity site map development
• High resolution graphic art production
• Final hi-res PDF or Photoshop layered files


Multimedia Design
We begin the design process by researching your plans for user interactions, build a site map which displays their movement through the media and formulate a comprehensive plan for navigation. After we discuss options for their movements and determine what categories or options may be required for navigation, we design the necessary pages for their seamless interaction. Once the mapping system and screen designs for interactivity are complete, we then begin the final graphic production of each visible screen.


Multimedia Production
All high resolution multimedia (Blue-Ray) is produced in your choice of 720ppi or 1080ppi and each screen design is produced as a Adobe Photoshop (.psd) layered file. Cell phone apps and games require specialized ppi developement depending on the platform, phone and cell generation in which it will be used. Each final mechanical is submitted as a multipage Hi-Res PDF file and is small enough to be emailed anywhere. The original Photoshop layered .PSD files are also available upon request, but may require DVD delivery or server upload technology depending on the final size of each file.


Chromatic Path concept, design, revision and production services are invoiced by time spent, are accrued in .25 hourly increments and are billed at an hourly rate of $50 an hour – 50% deposits are required to begin all new projects. And, all projects begin only after a member price quote has been approved.