The Chromatic Path to a professional logo always begins with pencil on paper. We establish the look of your identity by researching your competition, utilizing your thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes, then invent as many concept sketches as you need to make that final choice. All logos are designed specifically for you, your business, are completely original and most importantly are designed to last for the life of your business or product. Even if you don’t have any ideas about how it should look; we can build iconic, innovative logos using only a business name. If you need a business name, we can invent that too.

Sometimes a client already has an idea or a unique vision of exactly what they want – here at the Chromatic Path, it’s just as simple as putting pencil to paper to figure out how to get it done. For the project seen above, several sketches were produced to get the feel for a wolf bitting down on a 6×6 block of wood, and although it seemed not plausible in the beginning, it was absolutely not an issue for us to make it a creative reality. More than a few angles of this action scene were presented as sketches and everyone was very impressed with the angle you see above. Once that choice was made, the final illustration began, then it was colored.


Project Requirements
• Research
• Concept sketches
• Low resolution concept design
• High resolution graphic production
• Final hi-res mechanical PDF files


Logo Design
If you have a business name, we are already half way to a visual solution for your logo design. By taking the name you have chosen, utilizing any ideas you may have, samples for logos you like, researching what is currently out in the world, we then develop totally original sketches that set you apart from the others. After reviewing our concept sketches, discussing any revisions you would like, modifications or re-design options, we then begin the final illustration process of the approved concept.


Logo Production
The approved final logo concept is generated in Adobe Illustrator as an .eps and .ai vector file for the purpose of being universal for every kind of re-production process. The final mechanicals are then generated and delivered as a .ZIP(PC) or .SIT(MAC) email file. The stuffed .ZIP or .SIT final mechanical file includes multiple file formats of your final logo design, which includes a set of the following: .ai(vector file), .psd, .pdf, .eps, .gif, .tif, .png, .jpg files.


Chromatic Path concept, design, revision and production services are invoiced by time spent, are accrued in .25 hourly increments and are billed at an hourly rate of $50 an hour – 50% deposits are required to begin all new projects. And, all projects begin only after a member price quote has been approved.