The Chromatic Path to a print media design always begins with pencil on paper. We utilize whatever graphics that you can provide; whether it’s text, a logo, photography, print sample or an idea sketched on paper. Even if you don’t have anything to get the ball rolling, we can build your designs and all the support graphics – logos, illustrations, text and even product photography. Chromatic Path can build whatever you need for whatever you’re project requires.

The most important aspect of all things printed is that it compliments your logo and emphasizes the key elements of your marketing campaign with text. The brochure project seen above required everything to be built from scratch. So, even if you don’t have a logo, we can build one for you – if you don’t have text, or images, we can produce those too. There are many types of print promotional products, but we treat them all the same – all designs are created to fit your individual needs and all designs are original made specifically for your business, product or service.


Project Requirements
• Research
• Concept sketches
• Low resolution graphic design
• Build original illustrations
• Purchase or scan photography
• High resolution graphic production
• Final hi-res mechanical PDF files


Print Media Design
After researching your business, products, services or unique requests, we then discuss what kind of artwork you want or need for you print media project. More importantly, what you can afford and how it can fit into your budget. Print media projects are anything printed on paper – a business card, direct mailer, brochure, door hanger, flyer or sell sheet, poster or packaging design. Designing and producing original print designs can be easy, although it really depends on what you bring to the table – a logo, brand style guide or photography can help keep design costs low.


Print Media Production
All original print media projects are produced in your choice of QuarkXPress of Adobe Indesign, illustrations are produced in Adobe Illustrator and all photography is retouched in Adobe Photoshop – we sometimes import illustrations into Adobe Photoshop to render shadow, highlights and textures but that is determined by your individual budget or unique project. All final artwork is submitted as a Hi-Res PDF file and is small enough to be emailed anywhere to be printed.


Chromatic Path concept, design, revision and production services are invoiced by time spent, are accrued in .25 hourly increments and are billed at an hourly rate of $50 an hour – 50% deposits are required to begin all new projects. And, all projects begin only after a member price quote has been approved.