The Chromatic Path to original artwork always begins with pencil on paper. We do our homework, take the time necessary to determine the most cost effective solution for your project, submit our recommendations and discuss options that fit within your budget. Some promotional projects require more than just graphic design, they need a large artistic vision, a larger budget than expected and sometimes that means an original piece of artwork to use within a graphic design. Much like the project you see below:

The CD packaging project seen above arrived at our studio with only the name of the artist, album title and song names. We first sketched out a few solutions for a unique font treatment to be used for the artist name and album title, then we took photos of the artist. During the photoshoot, we took the time to get to know the artist, listened to the music and began sketching visual solutions for the packaging design. The sketches prompted the idea that an original painting was need for the cover and an illustration was required for the inside. After the modified budget was approved by the client, an acrylic painting was created for the cover and an ink illustration was drawn for the inside.


Project Requirements
• Research
• Concept sketches
• Title treatment design
• Photoshoot – one image
• Original 4′ x 1′ acrylic painting
• Original 24″ x 12″ ink illustration
• Two high resolution scans
• Hi-res image editing and retouching
• Lo-res color concept graphic design
• Client revisions – text only
• Hi-res graphic art production
• Delivered final hi-res mechanical PDF file


Artwork Design
After researching your business, products, services or unique requests, we then discuss what kind of artwork you want or need. More importantly, what you can afford and how it can fit into your budget. Designing original artwork is easy, producing the original artwork requires compromise.


Artwork Production
All original artwork is produced by hand and can be generated in any media of your choosing. From charcoal, colored pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paints, spray paint, chalk to ink or pencil – we do it all here at Chromatic Path. Once the original artwork has been completed the art is either photographed or scanned as a 350dpi image, then edited and retouched in Photoshop to remove flaws or make minor revisions and modifications. All final artwork is submitted as a Hi-Res PDF file and is small enough to be emailed anywhere.


Chromatic Path concept, design, revision and production services are invoiced by time spent, are accrued in .25 hourly increments and are billed at an hourly rate of $50 an hour – 50% deposits are required to begin all new projects. And, all projects begin only after a member price quote has been approved.