The very first marketing step for any business is the creation of it’s corporate identity – most commonly referred to as it’s logo. It should be unique and strong enough to stand alone while next to all of it’s industry competitors, while at the same time last the life of the business and never be changed. Sometimes a logo can be created quick & easy, other times they may take weeks to develop and revise depending on the amount of business partners who actually decide on, revise or approve the final logo.

One hour of research time was spent on the meaning of Valkyrie and finding support visuals to invoke inspiration. Another four hours were spent drawing sketches on paper to determine what concepts might work for all the partners. Their were many partners involved with the approval process of this design, so the need for compromise was very, very important. Four more hours were dedicated to drawing sketches until we found a solution that worked.
After the concept sketch was approved, the final illustration process began. Normally, the rule when coloring a logo is to keep the amount of colors low – 3 is good, 4 is a bit much, but two colors is perfect. Only two hours was needed to produce the final Adobe Illustrator .ai(vector) file and we presented a dozen color combinations. The partners decided on blue and gray as the final colors and the logo was then complete.

What was included:
• Valkyrie Research (1 hour)
• 8 Concept sketches (8 hours)
• 3 color presentations (1 hour)
• One high resolution illustration (2 hours)
• Final hi-res logo EPS and AI vector files
• Total Cost = $600