Sometimes even the most subtle revisions can make all the difference in the world. This project came to the Chromatic Path for a logo re-creation. The original logo was created using a PC and designed in an unknown program – this unfortunately will not work for anyone who is intending to use the logo for marketing purposes. Often times, when people design their own logos; everything goes to plan until a request is made for the “Vector Graphic” and that is when a graphic artist is needed to re-create the logo in Adobe Illustrator as an .ai(vector) file. Vector art uses geometrical points, lines and curves based on mathematical expressions to represent computer imagery(illustrations). Adobe Illustrator is the specific application used to create vector art and after it is completed, the file is then exported as an ai, jpeg, gif, eps or pdf file.

A project request to re-create a logo is also an opportunity to balance colors, provide visual breathing space and to also make sure that the artistic vision of it’s inventor is improved just enough that people will notice a brand evolution – in a good way. Anyone can design their own logo, but sometimes a professional can bring to the table a few minor details that make the iconic presentation just a little bit better than it was before. And, when you have on file a professionally generated Adobe Illustrator .ai(vector) file – you will never be bothered again by someone requesting your vector based logo. You will know exactly what they mean, exactly what they need and it will always be on file.

One hour of design time was spent on improvements for the logo. Since this was simply a logo re-creation project, the artistic additions were not expected to be approved. But, the update was an artistic license that was made available to us buy the business owner in the hopes that we might want to bring a new idea to the table and submit it – we did.
Re-illustrating a logo as a vector graphic doesn’t normally take much time. The largest amount of time is usually spent researching fonts that were used in the original. More often than not, nobody remembers what fonts were used and because of that, a designer must go on the hunt for a font that either comes close or matches the original and sometimes that is not an easy task. Nearly an hour was spent searching for a font match and one hour was spent on the actual illustration and the colors of the icon.

What was included:
• Font research (.75 hours)
• Creative license additions (1 hour)
• One high resolution illustration (1 hour)
• Final hi-res logo EPS and AI vector files
• Total Cost = $150