Golf courses always have high quality photographs available for a half page magazine ad, this client had plenty. But, this client was simply not interested in just putting a photo in an ad giving it a headline and adding on some text. It just wasn’t going to be enough to impress the marketing director. In this case, impressing the board of directors was priority one. This advertising campaign design expanded the marketing budget to multiple publications once the board saw the artwork. Impressing all those who view the ad is extremely important to justify the cost of a publication ad. To expand the budget, innovation and creative vision is required.

Once again, 3 half page magazine ad designs were developed for the client presentation, one greater than the next. But, it was this design that rang true, it was this design that was exactly what she was looking for her very first marketing campaign. She presented it with a great sense of pride, this along with the artwork, assisted with the budget increase provided by the board. Artwork that inspires is exactly what a publication ad is suppose to do for the viewer, the marketing director and in this case the board of directors.
The high resolution photos were provided, so the final high resolution production of this ad was fairly simple. Although, it was resized to fit in over a half dozen different publications. Each one of those ads had very minor sizing requirements, but resizing ads requires almost an entire revised version of the production art. Many hours were spent resizing and revising this particular half page magazine ad design to fit many publications in the Orange County area.

What was included:
• Research (2 hours)
• 3 Concept sketches (3 hours)
• 3 Low resolution color designs (5.25 hours)
• Photoshop image clipping (0.50 hours)
• Photoshop highlights and shadows (1.25 hours)
• High resolution graphic production (3.75 hours)
• 2 Text revisions (0.50 hours)
• Total Project Cost = $812.00