The Chromatic Path to Flash websites doesn’t have to complicated, time consuming or expensive. Every client is unique and every project demands individuality, but the key to saving time and money is not in the design or the production – it’s in the revision time.

This project was commissioned on a Friday with a batch of images provided by the artist and nothing else. We delivered a fully functional and animated Flash website the next Friday that he could afford, update, enhance, and add new projects as needed, while at the same time make his photographs purchasable through broker sites such as iStock Photo, Shutterstock & Getty Images.
Every project here at Chromatic Path begins with pencil on paper. Only after exercising a few creative colors, shapes and designs can we introduce a visual for client presentations. A couple hours of research, a half hour with a client can help, but often times a client can envision there needs or wants. Chromatic Path can facilitate the rest with a few concept sketches and one low resolution color concept. With a few matching inside pages designed to determine navigation desires or issues, implementing new ideas for the user interface is simple. Adding video, ad space, animations, special features(HTML or JAVA) or any creative idea becomes easy for everyone to visualize.
Site Mapping:
The first step in the FLASH production stage is making sure that all the pages have been approved, all the special features have been planned and that the site map has been finalized. Below is a sample of an original site map designed specifically for one client. It reveals how a visitor to the site will interact with pages and features throughout the FLASH website.

The key to saving time and money is to make sure that all features have been reviewed and approved before production begins. Adding special features and making revisions during the production stage can triple the cost of a site. Making revisions to the design during the production stage can quadruple the cost. Revisions require time, therefore add cost.

What is included:
• Research (2 hours)
• 3 Concept sketches (3 hours)
• 1 Site map visualization (1 hour)
• 1 Low resolution color index page design (3 hours)
• 4 Low resolution inside pages (3 hours)
• Photoshop graphic production (4 hours)
• FLASH graphic production (4 hours)
• Special Feature Codes (unknown)
• Special Feature Animations (unknown)
• Site Uploading (0.50 hours)
• Live Interactive Review (1 hour)
• Total Project Cost = unknown