Inventing a company logo for an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding designs that an artist can create. It’s a label that everyone sees, the client is always proud of it and it’s almost never modified during the life of a business. An individual has a vision of what their own company will be, what they will do and what it will be named. Acquiring a business license is the first step and then it’s passed off to a graphic designer to be given an iconic and memorable visual solution. Chromatic Path begins every logo design with concept sketches.

This client originally had an idea of what he wanted. As a Christian, and the owner of a new Christian business, he had his mind set on a lion and a lamb to represent his company. Unfortunately, his needs and vision of what the logo should be, required a bit of understanding & negotiation. Being subtle is important, being professional is priority one and not offending those who might misinterpret or harbor prejudice is also a concern. The market place is welcome to all religion. And, compromise is always a key feature when developing a corporate identity package.

After the logo design had received final approval, the PMS(Pantone Matching System) colors were selected, the “Final Mechanicals” were then generated within Adobe Illustrator as vector art and delivered as a packaged .ZIP(PC) or .SIT(MAC) file. The self contained final mech file includes multiple file formats of the final logo design – .ai(vector file), .psd, .pdf, .eps, .gif, .tif, .png, .jpg).

What was included:
• Research (.25 hours)
• B/W Concept Sketches (2 hours)
• Font Selection Presentation (1.00 hour)
• Lo-Res Presentation Art (1.00 hour)
• Create Adobe Illustrator .ai File (.75 hours)
• Pantone Selection Process (.25 hours)
• Color Concept Design (.25 hours)
• Purchase Color Print (.25 hours)
• Final Color Review (.25 hours)
• Design Revisions (none)
• Total Project Cost = $300.00