Chromatic Path Packaging Design Video
Generating sketches for a packaging design video requires planning and a need to complete something within a single sitting. Areas for imagery and text must be provided ample space to visually breathe – don’t forget the barcode and company logo. All of this must be prepared before the artwork begins. Also, there are usually plenty of ingredients, mixed in with some marketing text, headlines or special signature ingredients that enhance the whole project graphically. The largest open space gets the creative artwork, whatever the art may be is whatever space is left available that will allow, something special . . . the bigger the open area, the more area for creativity.


Chromatic Path Packaging Design Video
Design: Once the headline, barcode, ingredients and various other text has been finalized, approved and ready to be entered into the it project – it demands the full focus of legibility and breatheable area for reading. As seen in the packaging design video, each block of text is properly spaced out, the company logo has it’s place at the bottom and the headline brands the product as it reads from an entirely different angle and reads from a distance to better shelf space visibility at a store.


Production: The final production art for the design is an Adobe Illustrator .ai file. It was created to be printed directly on the plastic bottle and each product would have a matching – to save manufacturing costs, the final product and box use only two colors. The packaging design video was created over a 1.25 hour pencil and ink drawing session.


What was included:
• Research (.25 hours)
• 3 Concept Sketches (3.50 hours)
• Final Concept Sketch (1.25 hours)
• Create Label Template .ai (1.50 hours)
• Create Woman (Vector Art) .ai (4.75 hours)
• One Gallon – Text Layout/Design (2.50 hours)
• Shampoo – Text Layout/Design (1.75 hours)
• Purchase Color Prints (.50 hours)
• Total Project Cost = $800.00