Small businesses can choose to design a company brochure as they see fit – with a dry corporate identity, streamlined and regal; or they can choose a fun and fresh design that nobody has ever tried before. This was one of those projects, where the rules were not set, no idea was too crazy and fun was to be the key inspiration for the final design. The owner named his business after his son, so we delivered something that his son would like. Something fun, something unique, something his son could be proud of – it’s important that Kalen would be happy with the art too. After all, it’s his name on the sign and his face on the brochure design. The photography for this project was quick and easy, it required less than an hour to produce and the illustration of the printing press was the big idea. The illustration of the press was the most challenging part of this project, then again it was more fun than work – everyone was impressed with the final art, even the owner’s son.


One hour of research time was spent on researching this personal business and how to market it to the public. One hour was spent laying out the text onto individual pages to establish readability. Three hours were spent on concept sketches and a total of five hours were spent producing the full color lo-res visual concept for this project.


After the low resolution design was approved, the photography of kalen was produced. Once the images were edited and clipped, they were then placed into the document along with all of the text. The hi-res graphics were then produced around the images and text, colored and then enhanced with detail, given shadows and a dark background so everything would pop off of the page. The last touch, included the addition of the multicolored ink on the floor of the inside spread page and the electric plug – it provided a bit more depth with them than without, and everyone enjoyed the last minute detail. Like a cherry on top of a sunday.


What was included:
• Research (1 hour)
• Layout pages with text (1 hour)
• 3 Concept sketches (3 hours)
• Photography, editing and clipping (4 hours)
• 1 Low resolution color design (5 hours)
• High resolution graphic production (8.25 hours)
• Hi-res printing press illustration (3 hours)
• Final hi-res text revisions (0.25 hours)
• Total Project Cost = $1,275.00