When an author names his or her book, it is important to keep it short and sweet. Although, sometimes this isn’t possible there is a solution for those of you with a lengthy book title. It’s important to treat the title like a logo design, giving the letters and words some room to breath, special features, an original font and maybe a unique iconic shape. For this project, we spent hours creating the perfect title treatment and searching thru hundreds of images to find the perfect match. The title treatment of this original book cover becomes a logo instead of a wordy and lengthy title. It works together with the photography, creating space and allowing the title to breath. Finding this original photograph was a great challenge.


The first thing we did was research photography for this project – a great amount of time was spent seeking out the best photograph. We spent a couple of hours designing title treatments for the large book title. Only two hours were spent drawing sketches on paper to determine the best design solution. The final low resolution concept also took only a few hours to create – dropping in the lo-res cover photograph, title treatment, developing a romantically textured background and placing the back cover text. With only a few text revisions, we were able to get this design approved very quickly and then began the final hi-res production mechanicals.


After the lo-res concept was approved, the final hi-res graphic production began. The cover photograph was purchased, dropped in and the title treatment was put directly on top of the image – no editing was necessary. The cover image was not edited, it was perfect when we received it – absolutely no revisions were made. The red background was given a silky, shaded and highlighted effect to give it a romantic appearance and depth to make sure that all the text would pop off of the page and be easy to read.


What was included:
• Research (4 hours)
• 3 Concept sketches (2 hours)
• 3 Title treatment designs (2 hours)
• 1 Low resolution color design (3.25 hours)
• Online photography purchase ($385)
• High resolution graphic production (4.50 hours)
• Final hi-res text revisions (0.50 hours)
• Total Project Cost = $1,197.50